Wick Pots for Mini's

oriole6(9b)March 30, 2011

Does anyone know where I may purchase these particular pots (or something like them)?

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Something like those are available on the Selective Gardener/Optimara website. Just google "Selective Gardener" and they are available under the "plant care products" tab on the left. (I would post the link but I'm unsure if it would violate the rules.)

The mini-wells you have pictured were available back in the early 1990's when I found a few of the miniature Optimara violets for sale in my area. The newer miniwells work the same but have a different shape.

Hope this helps.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Last time I saw them in a Violet Showcase. Call Doug Crispin the owner and check if he still carries these water wells. Pots he has - they are quite standard for minis. I think they are 1 1/4" - just check with him which are the better match for these wells.

Thise wells are awfully hard to clean.


PS - here is the catalog - looks like he carries them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Violet Showcase

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Thanks to Erica and Irina. That's just what I was looking for! I have a very small collection of 7 mini's on my windowsill and want something efficient, yet good-looking, to care for them. I thought these wells might be the ticket -- however I am certainly open to suggestions!

Thanks again --
~ Robin

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There are also some similar ones on eBay now. The reservoirs are round, so they may be easier to clean. Search for African Violet Planter Reservoir to find them. Ones just like in your photo get listed on eBay frequently also, so you can keep an eye there and compare prices.


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Yes, I was a bit worried about algae build-up especially in the clear little reservoirs. Pro: you can see the amount of water, Con: it's gonna turn green!

Another idea was to find a long, low, rectangular (windowsill-shaped) planter and fill it with pebbles, wicking the AVs that way. You think I can find a long, low, rectangular planter in any material? Not so far!

Thanks for the eBay idea, Donna.
~ Robin

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I bought 26" x 6" windowsill humidity trays as shown in the link below. The dark color discourages algae. Put the solution in the tray and set the wicked pots on the grid. The plants get extra humidity that they like from the evaporating water. Humidity trays look better in rooms where company might be than the peanut butter jar reservoirs I use elsewhere! Just an idea...

Here is a link that might be useful: Windowsill Humidity Tray

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Nothing discourages algae. Physan doesn't discourage algae..

Thing is - depending on the climate you live- if you need extra humidity like I do - you can use tray with mat and wick your plants. You can wash your mat to keep it nice looking with a rest of the laundry. If the humidity is not an issue - Linda Rowe from Bloomin'Jungle sells tray inserts - basically it is a tray cover with holes of the size you choose so you can insert your pots and let wicks hang in a water. No algae, looks clean and orderly.

I tried these wells - you can soak them in Clorax solution to get rid of dirt - but it is plastic, it gets scratched with time and doesn't look that festive.

But for the small amount of minis - I think it is a very attractive solution.


PS - if anybody needs Linda Rowe"s email - she sells violets and streps on ebay and out and she has a very good selection of both and good prices - contact me - I will forward you her last offer.

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Hmm.. I don't think I have a humidity problem.... I live here in Central Florida and already the a/c's been on for a while. At present, the inside humidity reads 54% and I don't imagine it would change much (probably get higher, even though there would be more a/c) thru the summer. I do like the look of the little 'crystal' reservoirs, especially if I changed to white pots. But that tray -- it seems perfect for vacations. Guess I'll have to get both! Irina -- you have mail --
Thanks everyone! This has been such a help.
~ Robin

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For what it's worth, I found this while Googling around for these wells... to keep algae out of your reservoirs, use 3 oz. of peroxide/1 gallon water. The poster said she's done this with great results. I guess it's worth a try -- that is, if the peroxide isn't detrimental to the plants!

~ Robin

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Check the site below for mini wells on page 10 of the Cape Cod Violetry catalogue. Johns prices are very reasonable and he ships quickly as well. His shipping costs are also very reasonable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cape Cod Violetry

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Thank you, Fred! That sure is a wealth of information to save to my files. Thanks for the link.

~ Robin

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A do-it-yourself suggestion. Find some attractive jars, mugs, etc. that have an opening as large as, or larger than the mini-pots. If larger, scrounger some foam meat trays, foam disposable plates, or stiff plastic that you can cut with an exacto knife. Place the mini-pot upside down on the foam and trace a circle. Place the upside down jar on the foam, centred over the first circle and trace the opening. Then cut out the inside circle, slightly smaller than the tracing (you need to leave enough to catch and hold the lip of your mini-pot), then cut the outside with a generous edge on the outside of the larger circle (a good overlap to hold everything up). You can adapt just about anything with this method, and with a healthy plant, and clear or white circle, it's almost invisible.
My only caveat, is the length the water must travel up the wick is critical (it doesn't work on tall jars).

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Thanks, kaslkaos, this solution of yours is inspired! I would have tried it, too, had I not found these Ball jars... please see my other post re: same. Thanks for your reply!
~ Robin

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