Advice on Repotting My AV

bluemiloMarch 9, 2008

Hello All! I am new to the AV world - I have 5 plants, all bought at the grocery store - I have had them for about a year now and I want to repot. OK, so 2 questions - I bought 4" unglazed clay azaela pots - nothing fancy. Now I am seeing that plastic is preferred. I really want to use these pots, but I don't want to kill my plants either! Also, I bought Miracle Grow African Violet Potting Soil, and I read that I should add something to it - I'm looking for a "recipe" so that I can use what I have. An aside - I have put off replanting because I am afraid that my guys will all go into shock and die! (I guess it's the theory that I should leave well enough alone!) thanks in advance!!!

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Most growers use a 1-1-1 ratio of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. The AV potting soil is too heavy as it is and should be cut with one part each of the product, vermiculite and perlite. Otherwise water doesn't drain correctly and rots the roots.

When repotting, put each plant into a plastic bag for extra humidity for about 4=7 days. This should keep them from the shock of transplantation.

They should be just fine after repotting.


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Thanks Nancy!

Is vermiculite and perlite expensive? And do you know if it comes in smaller bags?

Also, I'm intrigued by the plastic bag method - Should I change the soil first, then put it into a bag, and then into the clay pot?


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Hi. This is just about the time the garden centers like home depot and lowes and walmart, etc get the perlite and vermiculite. They come in bags the same size as potting soil and sometimes you have to look in a couple different stores before you find it. It doesn't cost too much. And if you only find perlite, you can use that now and maybe add vermiculite the next time you repot. Perlite is important in growing violets.

You put the plant in the bag AFTER you repot it. Be sure your soil is not too wet when you put it in the bag. You can take off some of the outer leaves if they are old looking and scrape the plant stem to take off the scale-like spots where old leaves have grown in the past and plant into the new pot a little deeper so new soil will cover where you scraped. This keeps the plant from growing a long neck (having a space with no leaves) between the soil and the lower set of leaves.

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thanks lilypad!

after I posted that question, I went and continued searching, and found all sorts of info on how to make a little "greenhouse" - duh...I get it now! I'm off to the HD to see what's what, and hopefully I will have happy repotted violets before the end of the day!
thanks again!

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Hi bluemilo,

I use Miracle Grow AV potting soil too. My violets thrive on it. It is 45% - 55% peat moss plus other things, including perlite. However, since I use self-watering pots I don't want that much peat moss. So, for each cup (8 oz) of Miracle Grow I add 2 - 3 oz. of vermiculite and 1 - 2 1/2 oz. of perlite. You'll be amazed at the growth of your violets after they are repotted! There is fertilizer in the Miracle Grow so be careful not to over-fertilize the plants by adding full-strength AV food too!

Good luck on your violets. ~ Donna

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