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mbjosMarch 4, 2008

Hi everyone,

Have a question for the everyone. Have 3 0r 4 plants that are very limp. Mature plants but they just don't look right. Leaves (esp.bottom leaves very limp) rest of plant looks ok. Checked roots looked ok too. Any suggestions help would be appreciated. On wicks for watering.


Mary Beth

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Mary Beth,

Limp leaves can be caused by a variety of things.

1. Is the soil damp? Does the plant need water?
2. Have you recently repotted the plant. This may be stress. Put a plastic bag over everything.
3. Has the plant been exposed to cold temperatures?
4. Soil Mealy bug. If the plant seems wet but leaves continue to be limp, look at the rootball and check the pot to see a white residue. This white powder is a symptom of Soil Mealy bug. If you have fewer than ten plant, put in garbage, clean the area and buy new ones. It can be very expensive to buy the chemical that will control SMB.


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