can't post on exchanges

parr(4)March 18, 2012

I have refreshed - went off the sight came back on I can post on all the other sights of garden web just not on the one I need to. Would like to join the round robbin exchange. I have posted my name and address on the other sights hope Deb will see it thanks Pat-parr

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Parr,

I saw your post at the Test Forum, and then came here to see if you had posted.

Have you tried contacting GW about not being able to to to The Violet Forum Exchange Page? Back some time ago when folks were having problems, they were told to log out, and then go to The Main GW Page and log in there. Sometimes that 'fixed' the problem.

Another time it was found that not having all the info filled out on one's profile was causing the problem of not being able to post on the exchange pages. Try going to The Personal Profile Set up page and inputting all info again and submitting it and see if that will do it.

You also might try using a different browser, for the time being anyway, if you have a second browser on your computer...If using Internet Explorer, you might try Firefox.

Lastly, if all that fails, try contacting GW at the Contact Us link found in the green banner at the bottom of any page.

Good luck. I will place a link to this post over on the Round Robin thread on the Exchange page too.

Oh...suggestion...Please see addressing newbie and newer member issues For instructions on getting your Member Page email link set up so that you can easily be reached and also for setting up your garden zone/location. You can do that when you are resubmitting your profile info.

chemocurl...aka Sue

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Sill can"t post tried every thing it tells me No such forum type

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it's not your fault. wait a few days and then try to post again. problem is with gardenweb java script. they will fix the issue. just be patience. LOL

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I couldn't post replies all morning. Hope this one goes through. Has to be a GW glitch.

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