lilypad22(7)March 26, 2008

Could someone please, maybe someone who knows judging or shows plants, give me the specific definition of sticktite. I need this information for a violet club program. Thanks very much!


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I do not know judging rules but can tell you that sticktite refers to a non dropping flower. The flowers will stay on the plant until they wither or you physically remove them. Droppers do just that...the flowers drop off and fall after a few days. Some hold on longer than others. I think only the truly great droppers survive because it has to be special to put up with that dropping habit.


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The droppers dry nice though. Make good pressed flowers.

There are more blooms that stay on violets than drop off (In my collection anyway, I only have 2 that drop off). So why describe them sticktite and just describe the droppers? A friend thought they stuck up in the air like a stick-pin and held the flowers up straight and did not droop downward.


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I know I've seen this information somewhere but I cannot find it now that I want to show it to you. It might have come from an article I read in an African Violet magazine. Anyhow, dropping of blooms is considered a pretty bad flaw in the violet world. I believe growers started using the word "sticktite" in their description to announce that the flowers on a variety do not drop.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Tish -

I found you a quote:

Sticktite: A term to describe a modern hybrid African violet with non-dropping blossoms. The original Saintpaulia found in the hills of the Usambara Mountains in Africa, have blossoms which easily fall off when shaken. Modern hybridization has removed this trait from many varieties.

It is from Optimara Glossary


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