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Mary246March 22, 2014

A couple weeks ago I brought home a violet from the grocery store and I have had it in isolation. Last night I was looking at it under a magnifying glass and saw an insect crawling across the surface of the soil. It was skinny and kind of long. It was going about the rate of an ant. I think I remember that I could barely see it when I looked at it without the magnifying glass. It was tan. I squished it.
Do you have any idea what that could be? I didn't see anything thing unusual on or under the leaves or the stem.
Thank you

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Try a search on thrips until someone with more bug expertise comes along.

This link has photos


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Fungus gnat larvae also comes to my mind but I'd think those would look like worms.


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I read that putting a slice of raw peeled potato on the surface of the soil, leaving it for 48 hours will draw fungal larva and other critters. Check underneath and underside. I did that but the dog took the potato slices out of the pots. He was a homeless mutt when he was a pup so he has developed odd tastes and habits.

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I saw that about the potato (my son had fungus gnats in his rosemary plant). I didn't quite understand it, but then I think the idea is just to draw them out so you can identify them and then treat for them. It's not supposed to cure them.

Animal do some odd things :)


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Yes, the potato is to draw the bugs out. There are many types of soil bugs; root aphids, fungus fly larva, springtails to name a few. I have been buying plants for years and never had a bug until now. That is a good recommendation for grocery/hardware store plants but then it made me careless about quarantine and inspection.

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You might want to look up spring-tails as well.


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