Killing Fungi with a old spice.

rosemaryazMarch 18, 2005

Sprinkle cinnamon power on soil when starting or replanting plant. .

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Its been mentioned before about using cinnamon for powdery mildew control but I was not aware cinnamon is suggested to use when repotting. I've read several reports regarding its use as a natural alternative fungicide to chemicals. I haven't used it yet as a powdery mildew treatment, but have dusted edges of cut violet leaves that grew too large when producing babies, and had to be trimmed back. It seemed to work okay but I'm not sure it was really needed, but used it "just in case".

Has anyone else had any experience using this for its fungicidal properties? - Elaine

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

ACH! When I read the title, at first I though it read "Old Spice" not an old spice!

Sorry... just sharing my "Blonde" moment with you all:-)

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

I have heard complaints among orchid growers that if cinnamon is not applied carefully and only locally where needed, that it can inhibit root growth. Perhaps the same would be true of AVs?

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Oklahoma_Tim(z7a OK)

The first thing that I thought when I saw that title was, "Why would anybody want to pour Old Spice on their houseplants?"

Seriously, though, I remember reading somewhere that cinnamon can retard root growth. Is that only true when the cinnamon is in contact with the roots, or what? And what about using chamomile tea as a fungicide?

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bumblebees_mom(z9 Jax, FL)

Cinnamon can inhibit root growth, but it is also an excellent natural fungicide. I use it with orchids, but I don't over use it because of this. If I make a cut I lightly dust the cut end with cinnamon. I have not used this with avs so I can't really report on any results.

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LadyBrasa(z7 VA)

I sprinkled cinnamon liberally on some non-AV seeds I planted in peat pellets because I've had a problem with damping-off in the past. Will this effect their growth? Is there a site or article somewhere about cinnamon inhibiting root growth or for fungal inhibition? I'd be interested in the science behind it.

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Brambles(zone 5)

I don't know about cinnamon inhibiting seedling growth.

I have used it on random plants around the house (not AVs). Several of my plants had caught a nasty yellow soil fungus, and I had used commercial chemicals with no luck. I liberally sprinkled cinnamon on the top of the soil and have had no recurrences. It has been nearly a year ago at this point. When I repotted one of the affected plants, there was no trace of the fungus anywhere in the soil.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I've used cinnamon for mildew and it was extremely hard to brush off afterwards. This takes some of the beauty away from the plant.

I would like to know more about its capabilities of inhibiting root growth.

I too could smell Old Spice that my dad used to use.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Old Spice works too. The fungis "smell" the stuff, go "Ewwwww! that stuff really stinks" and head for the hills.

I am curious to know how and when cinnamon inhibits root growth too. I recently learned that it is used to get rid of ants--especially when they nest in pots. I was told it can also be sprinkled on ant trails when they invade the house.


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So glad to see that many post on this subject. Thanks for the old spice in put .
rosemary AZ

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I have heard this before, too, but have nothing to add to the subject. Just wanted to say "HI" to Rosemary!



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The cinnamon sounds like an excellent option; I have just tried spraying with alcohol. I will try the cinnamon instead next.

Thank You

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