LeafheadMarch 6, 2013

I have a variegated African Violet that I started from a leaf cutting in a 4" pot. It is about a year old and I see at least five plants crowded into one pot.
I would like to know how and if I can divide it safely.
Any suggestions?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hmmm - why did you wait so long?

Yes - let them dry - so the plants won't be too brittle - and accurately disassemble them. You can remove the bottom leaves of the young plants if they get tangled. You probably lose some roots - so when you plant them in separate small pots - keep them covered for a week or 2 - in a transparent shoe box - out of direct sunlight.

Do not be afraid - provided you give them a little TLC afterwards- all of them will survive- even rootless ones - they root easily.


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Thank you, I'll try that before my next watering this weekend.

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I went for it, and all looks well. I got nice root balls on three and one s roots. I'm just treating that one as a cutting. All four had healthy stems and crowns.
I removed the older leaves to avert extra stress, and a few more on the "cutting".
I then carefully watered them in after placing them in a lower light room for a few days so I can watch them.
So far, no apparent wilt but I have bags ready if they do.
Thanks for the quick response, as my poor guys were starting to look like the Three Stooges all trying to get thru the door at once LOL.

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