Blooming plant with dying new leaves?

happy_tomatoMarch 10, 2013

*****I've added an update to my below thread since the initial one 2 months ago. Please scroll down to see! *****

Hi all,

I'm still a newbie at this so thanks in advance for helping!

I have a blooming AV plant where almost all newly grown leaves since the bloom starts dying... they start having black bruises/edges then dries up from the side and dies.. i tried trimming those first few that appears but it it seems that the problem is still there for all new leaves. The older bigger leaves on the outer layer doesnt seem to be affected. Would anybody know what could've caused this? Is the plant stressed from the blooming? or hv i used too much fertilizer?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! =)


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Sounds like fert burn, esp if you just fertilized.
How did you fertlize and what did you use?

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I used a brand called pokon for flowering plants. I followed the instructions and diluted it in water and watered the plant as usual. I did that possibly a month or so ago already though.. =(
If its really fert burn what should I do? Hv I killed my plant?

Thanks again!!


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I am not familiar with this brand of fertilizer but make sure that any fertilizer you use does not have nitrogen obtained from urea. The label should state if it is urea free. Urea nitrogen will burn the roots of AV's.
If you suspect fertilizer burn, run water from the top of the plant until it drains freely from the bottom. You can also re-pot, working as much of the old soil as possible from the roots before you plant it in fresh mix. This works best if the soil is fairly dry.
Don't give up on an AV quickly. They are not the delicate hot-house flower some think they are!

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Another thought-if you lose the crown but the outer leaves are unaffected-your AV will likely send out several suckers as it tries to replace its crown. These can be the source of several new plants.

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Hi Linda,

Thanks! now that i checked the bottle, it does contain 1.5% ureic nitrogen!!! :'( (and the person at the shop told me it's suitable for AVs....)

i've left a bucket of water to sit overnight as i prepare to flush all my AV plants tmr... hopefully the damage is not so bad that it cant be undone... I'm not planning on giving up on them any time soon :)

Thanks a lot for your help again!


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I have a violet that lost its crown (It doesn't just happen to newbies!) and it sent up copious amounts of suckers. I removed all but the one that was center-most and rooted them. The remaining one I left on the violet to see if it would eventually position itself to become a proper looking violet. I think as the older leaves die off, it will.Just remember: growing is a test of trial and error. The difference between growers and non-growers is patience, persistence and a refusal to give in and give up!
Keep us posted!


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Hi Linda,

I've flushed my AV last night so i'm hoping the problem will eventually stop.... but now i dont know what i should do with the dying leaves..should i cut them all out? (i have actually done that to a few dying leaves already i hope i didnt do the wrong thing...) i've attached a photo of my plant to hopefully give you a better idea - the really little one in the photo actually already died off and i yanked it out this morning .. but there are still a few other leaves that are just dying and turning black.. for some reason the outer leaves seems fine (touch wood!)...

Do you have any suggestions what i should do with this plant to give it the best chance of survival? Does it look healthy otherwise?

Thanks again and your comments are appreciated as always! :)


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irina_co(z5 CO)

You can remove the affected leaves because otherwise they will eventually dry on its own.

The plant is otherwise healthy - so provided you will maintain the proper culture - it will send you new leaves to replace the lost ones.

I do not think that 1.5% of urea could do all the damage - probably the concentration was off. Look at the numbers - and if they are close to 10:10:10 - you can use 1/4 of a teaspoon per gallon, and they are closer -to 20:20:20 - 1/8 of a teaspoon. I do not see very well what is the soil mix you use - but make sure that when you water it - it is not overly soaked and dense - it can create the same problem too, So - do not let your plant stand in water.

Good Luck


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Same thing has happened to a few of my plants, while the others are unaffected. I treat them all the same and feed with the same fertilizer. I think some plants are just more sensitive. I've read that cold drafts of air hitting the plants can cause this to happen. Who knows? You could take off one of the good leaves from your plant and pot it up in a small pot until it sprouts babies, usually takes 3 months. Then you'll have a new plant in the event the other one doesn't survive.

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Hi all,

I'm back after 2 months time - last time I posted some photos of the plant with dying leaves, I flushed the plant as suggested and I believe the problem went away for a while - until recently the small leaves are coming back with what looks like a slightly different type of spots.

I've attached some photos again (looks like each post can only take one photo so i'm posting a few additional replies just for the photos) .. Do they look like the same thing?

I haven't given any fertilizer to the plant since I flushed it (I also heard it's not good to fertilize while the plant is blooming?)

I still don't know what's wrong with my it - the older leaves seems to be fine while no new leaves can grow.. I've cut out so many baby leaves it's starting to leave a bare stalk above the older leaves :(

Again any suggestions would be appreciated!


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The whole plant (adult leaves seems fine while baby leaves cannot survive...)

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