Advice, please?

beth7happyMarch 10, 2013

I'm a newbie - never have grown African Violets. This one came from one of my sisters...there are two plants in this pot - one is slightly established...has four leaves with another one coming up.

The second plant looks like a big leaf stuck in the soil and has two-maybe three tiny leaves coming up at the base. The pot is claybut looks like it has a plastic liner.

What should I do with this one, please?

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Place these leaf cuttings in a South to Southeast window and water carefully from the bottom. AVs hate wet leaves.
Make sure that the pot and soil drain adequately.
Let soil dry slightly between waterings, but not too dry.
As the little plants begin to grow bigger, you can fertilize them lightly with a liquid fertilizer.
AVs like a little early AM sun, up to around 7:30AM or so, then high but indirect light.

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Not to disagree with Leafhead but-contrary to popular thought-getting water on the leaves is not harmful. I have grown and shown for many, many years and I routinely wash my violet's leaves. Getting COLD water on the leaves is the problem.
As a Horticulturist, I tell my clients to try to emulate a plant's natural environment. In their native habitat, AV's are routinely rained on, getting their leaves wet without harm. But, the rain is not a cold one.
Washing the leaves with warmish water removes dust, unclogs the stomata and generally refreshes the plant. Be careful to blot any excess water from the crown and make sure the leaves are dry before you return the violet to its growing area.
Here's a link that might be useful.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washing African Violets

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