it has survived, so far

beth7happyMarch 10, 2013

...but without some help, I don't know how much longer this will live!! I've never raised African Violets. This particular one was a tiny plant when my sister handed it to me in a little plastic pot about a year and a half ago, as I was leaving her house. It went in my kitchen window...loved it grew and grew and flowered. It got so big that I had to move it (the window space is very small). I repotted the plant and it gave another plant, as you can see. Now it dones't look as nice and does not flower. Should I separate these two and repot again? (it's been a long time). It's probably about 6' from a window that gets full sun (Florida sun!) for about an hour in the morning.

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How early in the morning does it get sun?
They love the first few rays of Dawn, but should never get any sun after 7:30AM.
Bright, indirect lighting is best.
Do you feed regularly?
You can separate that little one off and put it in your kitchen window

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It looks as though you have three separate plants that need divided and a pot that is very much too big for them. You also have necks that need attention. In addition, as a rule-of-thumb, violets need repotted every 6 months.

Divide your violet, retaining a crown for each plant. Lightly scrape the bare necks of the hard callused material there. (New roots will grow from this area). Plant in a pot that is one-third the size of the leaf span of your violet. (A six inch plant gets a two inch pot.) Your pots may be quite small; this is preferable as violets like to be a bit root-bound to flower. Most growers use a plastic pot and a soil mix of perlite, vermiculite and peat moss in equal measures. Do not use african violet mix potting soil as it is generally quite heavy. Think 'fluffy' for your soil.
I think your flowering problem come mainly from soil and pot issues.

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