need more advice, please!

beth7happyMarch 10, 2013

This plant came from another sister. (I think my sisters are very naughty plant enablers!!) It is in a clay pot with no drainage, but sister said there are pebbles in the bottom. It was covered with flowers when she brought it to me, but it promptly lost the flowers and quit blooming. What should I be doing with this pretty little plant?

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Get it into a pot, preferably plastic, with drainage holes. Pebbles aren't necessary. Use a potting mix that drains well but also has plenty of humus.
There are soil mixes sold as AV potting mixes. African Violates should never sit in water for more than 10 min or so.
A south exposure is best, with plant getting shade during afternoon hours. A little sun early in the AM is fine; otherwise bright indirect light.
Bottom water to avoid getting leaves wet.Remember, whatever the plant doesn't absorb after a few minutes should be discarded. Every third watering, I'd carefully top water to wash down accumulated salts. On the 4th watering, fertilize.
Your plant looks pretty healthy so far, but I'd address the drainage situation ASAP.

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Another thing to consider: AV's do not bloom all the time. Producing flowers and blooming takes a huge energy toll on plants and most need a rest period between bloomings. Also, AV's are individuals and some need more rest than others and the difference even extends to individuals of the same varieties.
The pot size looks good on this one, but, as Leaf says, you need to re-pot into a proper AV pot and soil.

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Leaf and White - thank you both, so much, for your advice. Looks like I have a little work to do!! That's okay..maybe, for once, I can get these pretty little things to grow! I had already purchased that special AV soil....perhaps if I toss in a handful of vermiculite and make a lighter mix??

....won't respond to all four of the posts, but do want you both to know I really appreciate your input!! Thanks!!

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If you already have the potting mix, you can lighten it with both vermiculite and perlite, all in equal amounts. And then, since all of us here know that you are now hooked and are helpless to avoid the lure of more and more violets, when you run out of the mix, use peat moss instead along with the perlite and vermiculite. :)
Keep us posted!!!

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Thanks, Linda! I will amend that soil! Hey, you know that there is no WAY I am hooked on those sweet little fuzzy leafed lambikins plants, right???? nuhunnuh...not meeee!! Peat moss..... ok. Just out of curiosity, most folks with an African Violet problem buy their plants or go snipping leaves from friends??? (Or, like me....have them thrust into unwilling hands!???)

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Yes, yes and yes. You will become totally shameless in your drive to acquire more, newer, better and soon you will be the one thrusting violets onto unsuspecting innocents. And so the circle continues.......

P.S. I can give you some excellent sources for violets if you want. Even though you're not hooked. ;)

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