Trimming Roots

thominindy(6)March 7, 2009

I can only hope that re potting these micro minis is less stressful on the plants than it is on me. I'm so afraid that I will hurt my new babies.

Today's question. Why do we not use scissors to trim roots?

I know I ask alot of questions. I can't help it I am an engineer and can be obnoxiously analytical. LOL

A lovely Saturday Thom

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Do you mean trim the roots to keep plants miniature like Bonsai growers do or use scissors instead of a knife when repotting? If you mean the latter, I generally trim large rootballs with a knife because it's quick and uniform. However, with smaller shaggy rootballs I've used a small sharp pair of medical scissors (I also use them to cut off faded blooms). The scissors work very well and the plants don't mind at all.

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Just regular trimming of roots after trimming older leaves. I had never heard anyone mention using anything but a sharp or serrated knife on this forum. I plan to get a pair of quality small scissors.

Thank you for your time Thom

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I use an old pair of scissors to trim the root ball when I repot.
Fred in NJ

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I too use scissors to trim a root ball. Actually, I don't even have a knife in my tool kit, unless you count an exacto type knife.


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