davs convention - athens, ga

nwgatreasures(7)March 12, 2010

Thought you might like to see some of the things that we are enjoying here at the convention.

Travis is here w/ his violets and 3 other vendors. I have exercised great caution in my purchases, LOL.


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Here are a few more (wanted to spread out teh file size)

So what's your favorite?


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Nice shots of the show Dora, how many entires were there in hort and design? I think that Ness' Crinkle Blue is one of the best.
Fred in NJ

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I think I remember them saying 78 entries all together.
Seems as if everyone is saving their good stuff/quantity for the show next month in Raleigh.


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minimac(6 So In. Louisville Ky)

Hey Dora,

Did you have violets in the show? My favorites are Raspberry Sizzle.
guess that's a mosaic leaf? The foliage is very nice. It's now on my list. Ness Crinkle Blue for blossoms! I ordered one, but he only lasted about 2 weeks - looked a little suspicious so I threw him out. Rob's Mad Cat - I have one except leaves are darker, and the underwater arrangement is nice. Oh, and Ma's Silk Flower is not too bad! I have rarely met a violet I didn't like. Have more Pics!?

Glad to see you're out and about....So spill - tell us what you bought!

Mac ( who hopes Dora has LOTS of isolation shelf space)

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Ness' Crinkle Blue and Raspberry Sizzle! My Ness Crinkle Blue is budded out... but not quite that many blooms. I will put Raspberry Sizzle on my want list too.


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Really loved the pics! Just wish there were more of them.
For those of us too far from convention cities, it`s wonderful to at least get to see some pictures Appreciate your posting for us.

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