AVs as art...

cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)March 27, 2013

Good old generic, department store AVs--gotta love 'em! Nothing fancy but I've kept them alive for three whole weeks so far. *lol* Thought I'd take some photos (and play with some image filters), just in case...

And they make such perfect models, too. They don't wander off, or look the wrong way, or twitch uncontrollably...

Wishing you all a Spring full of Flowers!

~ Wren

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Nice pictures, Cork

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Beautiful photos! All you need now is to frame them.

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

Just gorgeous. Taking photos of our AV's is half the fun of this hobby. Why not post some on the Gallery section of this forum too!

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cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)

Thank you, all!

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