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dtm1966(9a Houston, TX)March 2, 2008

Many many years ago, BC (before children)I grew many african violets. I used to mix my own soil and add this stuff called super soil substance (SSS) or something like that. I bought it by mail from a woman who mixed it. Does anyone know if she still sells it. Is it still popular to mix a soiless soil mix and add SSS.



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Hi Dawn,
I've been growing AV's now for almost 25 years and have never heard of an additive like SSS. People here in NJ use a simple mixture of Peat, perlite and vermiculite with possibly some charcoal added to keep the soil sweet. Most of my fertilizing is done with wicks and I use a standard AV formula and add a bit of superthrive to the fertilized water when I fill the reservoirs.
Fred in NJ

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