Distance between tops of plant and light

oakleyokMarch 10, 2010

The more I read the more confused I get!

First, I don't even know if I have the right light. I ended up buying a Grow Light from Walmart. I bought two and am only using one. It's 75 watts...flourescent.

I've had the four "plantlets" under the light about 8 inches for a couple of weeks now and they're doing fine.

I read 8 inches is appropriate for the smaller plants.

Today I received 3 big and in full bloom AF's. They are much higher than the smaller plantlets.

Lowering and raising the plants aren't a problem, easier than raising and lowering the light.

Two questions.

1. Should I put the other 75watt Grow Light up a few inches away from the other one I have..(same location but spaced apart.?)

Stagger the lights maybe?

2. What is the proper distance for a large AV..I guess we should include the blooms, from the light?

Now I've read all about candle measurements, and I'm lost, so don't EVEN begin to explain it. LOL.

This is for regular ole Grow Lights.

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I use 1- 80 watt fixture with grow bulbs 12 inches above the crown of the plants. Generally, a 12 hour photoperiod is enough. I use a 14 hour one because some of my AVs really like light. I get tons of blooms and excellent growth with this setup.

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I swear I replied to you but it didn't show up. Hmmm.

Here are some pictures, please feel free to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, like not having enough light. lol.

Would staggering two 75w fixtures be too much light in the middle?

Excuse the messy setup, I received these today and quickly put them under the light.

The plantlests the day I got them:


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Two lights might be too much. That is a lot of light and the leaves would probably curl down away from the light. You might have to experiment a bit with the placement of the plants under the bulb. Near the center is the brightest and your light hungry plants will do best there, and varieties that don't like as much light will do best toward the edges.

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minimac(6 So In. Louisville Ky)

Hello Oakley,

You ARE impatient, aren't you. You just had to buy some big ones. LOL They're beautiful! And your little standards are also doing VERY well. Where did you order your three new violets? Just lovely. See how their leaves are reaching up, they want light. Keep an eye on them, and under your lights their leaves will eventually start to lay down. If they don't- move them up closer to lights. Watch them and they will tell you what they need. The distance from tubes to AVs does not include the blooms, just the top of foliage.
How many hours are your lights on? I agree with snappyguy adding another 75 watt light could be too much. Perhaps keep lights on longer. However long lights are on now if you want to add more only add one hour per week until you get desired time and results.


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Hi Mac! The AV's came that way the other day because of shipping. I'm keeping a close watch on them.

I read they need 8 hours total darkness so I'm starting to leave the lights on for 14 or so hours a day.

I bought the three new violets from BuyAfricanViolets.com.

I was very pleased at how nice they were when they arrived!

And yes, I'm very impatient! lol.

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Hi Oakley,
Just a word of warning, keep an eye on the new plants for thrips. So many commercial growers have them that I always strip any new plants that I get and then isolate them for at least a month, preferably two in another room.
Fred in NJ

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Thanks Fred, I've heard of thrips but have no clue what they look like. I'll look them up.

The 3 new one's are quickly starting to lay down their leaves. Below is a picture, but it's hard to tell.

Two questions. The pots are 4", should these plants stay in the pots they're in or should I go a size larger? Is the pot supposed to cover 2/3 or the plant?

Also, and you can laugh at this, the blooms are starting to dry out around the edges. I never thought about how long the blooms last. So I'm wondering if the plant is too close to the light or is it a natural die off?

Oh yeah, the leaves on the larger plants are touching each other, over crowded maybe. That's not good, is it?

Here's a plant starting to lay down it's leaves.

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Your pot should be 1/3 the size of the plant. Your 4" pots look fine. When my blooms start to fade the individual petals turn brown around the edges. They last about 1-2 weeks the best I can determine. If your plants are touching they're overcrowded. There needs to be air circulation around them.

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Thanks Snappy. I've been working on my other houseplants today, tomorrow I'll tackle the shelf.

Should I pluck the blooms off once they're dead?

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I pluck the blooms once they start to fade. Just makes for a prettier plant overall.

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