Leaves curling under

miamiyankeefan(miami)March 23, 2005

I received an AV in the mail (Pink Bonanza) and its leaves are all curling under - sort of a reverse spoon effect. Other than that it seems to be all right. Anyone know why it's doing that.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Without seeing it, it is hard to say. When I hear leaves are curling down I immediately think Broad mite. This means keep this plant from your collection until you can verify this.

If it is Broad mite you can consider what to do. The price of the plant may be much less than the price of treatment. I paid $25 for an ounce (!) for AVID for mites. Kelthane is much cheaper but is still more expensive than the plant.

Unless you need to treat your whole collection because you put the plant with them, I'd say throw out the plant. But before you do anything, take this to an agriculture extention office who will inspect this with microscope and verify whether or not it has insects. This service is usually free if you have a university around you.

Get in touch with the person who gave or sold you the plant and talk with them.

Nancy in Montreal

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

I went to the AVSA web site to look for 'Pink Bonanza.' From the photos, does it look as if this "curling under" might be part of its culture?

BTW, Nancy: Enjoyed the article on disbudding for show.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Pink Bonanza'

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Haven't seen the plant, but don't most AV's curl downward when they're too cold? Mine do in the window sills.....

(p.s. but Nancy's brilliant, so I'd probably side w/her!) =)

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Thanks for your input everyone. I went on Dr. Optimara's site and one of the reason he gives is cold. I tend to think it was the cold weather since this was shipped from Minnesota. However it is isolated -- just in case!

Thanks for sending the picture. It does look like the leaves curl in slightly. But in my plant, THE LEAVES CURL IN!!! Grace

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