Finally Broke Down and Bought a Bucket Taxi

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)March 1, 2012

And, boy, am I glad I did. :-)

My African violets and other gessies are in individual planters. I was carting one gallon at a time to my home office at watering time.

I have a bad back and hauling a five-gallon bucket was not an option (carrying the large foliage plants to the tub is bad enough). So, I bit the bullet and bought a Bucket Taxi. These were invented to use when vehicle washing.

What a godsend! I can roll that sucker up to the bathtub and use the hand-held shower wand to fill it and roll back into my office. No lifting!!!

There is also a "belt" around the cart where I can keep my fertilizer, Physan, grooming tools, etc. The only thing different is I use a four-cup measuring cup to fill the Oyama Planters instead of a watering can...which is actually much easier.

I am not affliated with Bucket Taxi, its distributors or its makers. It's just a product I thought some of you might request for a birthday, anniversary or "just because" gift. ;-)


I am also posting this to the House Plants forum. Please feel free to link at any forum you think it might be of interest.

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I've never heard of that before... but I love it! My back is fine, but my wrists kill me after holding my 5 gallon tank sprayer that I use for fertilizing. I looked at their website and will be emailing it to my SO. Thanks!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

If you have a place you can keep a trash can filled with water - - sump pump and a hose with a wand really make life easier.

You can fill it with water, let this water sit for a while - add fertilizer, Physan and what not - and turn the pump every time you need to water. I keep it in a basement bathroom in a shower - it is a guest area - so I do not need to take it out unless we have guests - and it keeps me from flooding the place - because if I get distracted - the overflow will go down the drain.


PS just do not buy the spiral hose - I do not know who invented it - but the inspiration didn't come from angels.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)


One more thing I discovered is that four-cup (or is it 3??? can't recall) measurer is much easier on my hands and wrists than the watering can I was carrying. And it doesn't take any longer.

All my plants are in my office so I don't have as many options as some.

Another plus: I hook a plastic bag to the handle and remove dead leaves/blooms as I go. Before I left them on the shelves and went back later with the garbage can.

Oh, it takes 20 gallons to water all my plants.

Irina: You are so funny. "...inspiration didn't come from angels..." You had me really laughing with that one. And the puppy's name is "Russell" after his biggest fan and favorite person at the extended care facility.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hmm - 20 gallons of water plants in an office? HOW MANY OF THEM?

Russell is a great name - beats "Puddles"! Especially if there is a friend with the same name!

You need a special plant caring apron with a big pocket for leaves, small pocket for scissors and a "plant mama" needlepoint on the top.



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But I still don't know what a Bucket Taxi is.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Here you go, elliewilbanks. Follow the link below. It's really a neat idea for watering inside a large building.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bucket Taxi website

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