Full bush shot- Evelyn

msjam2June 13, 2009

Someone posted a full bush shot of Evelyn some time ago, I googled and searched here as well but I can't seem to find it. Can somebody post a photo of Evelyn please? I need to see the whole bush as I am planting mine in the ground soon.

Thanks in advance.

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Helpmefind has a couple pics of the whole bush.

Here is a page you can see more at as well.

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I wish someone would come and dig mine up so I can plant something decent in its place. As much as I have wanted to like this rose for a decade now, it never fails to disappoint. It fades so fast that it has usually lost half its color before it is even fully open.

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Gosh..got mine as grandchild is named Evelyn. So far it's growing well...first year..no buds as of yet. It does get partial shade in morning and late afternoon. Will have to check out the pic...for some reason I couldn't cut and paste the link.

Can you tell me some of the probs you may have had with it? I would appreciate it since I'm very new at all of this. Hasn't had that first flush yet so I haven't fertized it. I was also wondering when one should apply fish emulsion and bone meal? I waited on the other roses at least 2 weeks after fertilizing to use those. Thanks in advance friend!

BTW...anyone know why at the bottom of the page where you comment there is no check box for an e-mail if you get a response...at least there isn't on my puter! Thanks!!

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You need to ask Hoovb for the current pic of Evelyn. Her Evelyn looks outstanding.

The following link also has some bush shot of Evelyn:

Here is a link that might be useful: The most beautiful rose in the world - Evelyn

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

hoovb, seeing your Evelyn makes me speechless! Thank you sooo... much for posting these awesome photos of this beautiful rose. You really show "us others" how it looks, when a rose is reaching her full potential. You are so inspiring!

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unreal- every rosarian's dream...

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Wow! What a beautiful rose! Love the colour.

I'm so glad that I ordered one this year, along with Jayne Austin.

Hoovb, How old is your Evelyn? How long does it take to reach that height?

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Hoovb, WOW!! Thank you so much for posting the photos. :)

Do you prune Evelyn hard, what's your method of pruning? I'm planning on planting her on the SouthEast side of my house that gets all day sun, do you think that's too much?

Thanks again!


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Thanks for all the kind comments!

Evelyn is 12 years old. It was that size in 3 years. I've tried all kinds of pruning on that beast. Hard prune after spring flush and again in August seems to work best. The fragrance is heavenly. Mine is in full sun all day, but temperatures are mild here compared to DFW. From what I have read she doesn't like shade or heat, so kind of tricky to place.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Gail, that is one of the most beautiful rose bushes I've ever seen. I'm so disappointed that we haven't yet seen pictures of your garden this spring since you have one of the most beautiful gardens on the forum. Please don't hold out on us. I know we'd all enjoy pictures of your garden very much.


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Sigh ... the most beautiful rose in the world. She gives me a lot of trouble but I can't help but love her. Hoovb is your Evelyn own root or grafted? My own root has stayed at a reasonable size with pruning.

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lemecdutex(z15 CA Petaluma)

Paul, I'm surprised to hear that, I'd have thought you had a great climate for that rose! It does quite well here in Sonoma County.

Hoovb: fantastic photos! I'd love to see more photos of your garden, and it's wonderful seeing the entire plant in a photo like that.


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You know I planted an Evelyn last year, she's from DA so she's grafted and I think that the own root do much better in my yard. She's still only a foot and a half tall and most of my other DA own roots were at least 2 ft year 1 and 4 ft after their 2nd year. This is year 3 and I've had to hack off like 4 ft after their first flush, monsters that they are. I wish that Evelyn was the same but it doesn't seem to be the case. She did give me 1 bloom this year but that was it.
I'm not giving up on her yet, we have great Austin rose weather here so I think she's just going to be a bit slower than the rest.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Mine was grafted, though it is surely own root by now.

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