Dis. resist? Clio, La Noblesse, TdlE, Mt.Hood

WicksFan(10 Sunset19)June 21, 2014

Hi to all,

I have had roses for some years but want some new ones.

Am having trouble finding info. on how healthy these are:

Clio (the pink HP)
La Noblesse
Triomphe de l'Exposition
Mt. Hood

Would especially welcome the experience of folks in similar climate: sunny, hot, dry, sometimes windy. Also maybe clay soil.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I am not familiar with these. Have you checked them out at helpmefind.com ? Particularly the Members Comments section?


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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

If you're in Zone 10, the odds are you probably won't be able to grow La Noblesse. I had a wish list not too long ago of Centifolias, Gallicas, Damasks, and HPs, but it turns out on the whole those classes either can't succeed in this zone because of the lack of chill hours (in the case of Gallicas, Damasks, and Centifolias) or rust/mildew problems (HPs). I didn't realize those classes needed chill hours until members on this forum helped clue me in. I dearly wish I could grow Madame Hardy, but I CAN grow Teas, Chinas, and other tender classes that aren't possible to grow in many less temperate zones.

The HPs -which are beautiful- that you are looking for are probably no longer available commercially in the US after the recent closing of Vintage. I don't know if Pickering or Hortico has them on Multiflora in Canada, but unless you're in a place with extended frosts, Multiflora probably isn't the best understock you could use. Some HPs are great in Zone 10, but most are not. If you have problems with Mildew, Rust, or Blackspot and don't spray, it may be difficult to raise beautiful HPs, but it's well worth the attempt if you do find a healthy rose.

I don't grow Mt. Hood, but it has a better chance of succeeding in zone 10 than the other varieties listed. You could ask about it in the regular Roses Forum since more people who grow a large variety of/exclusively modern roses traffic there.


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WicksFan(10 Sunset19)

Jay and Kate,

Thanks! I was thinking the climate here would be a factor. Rarely dips below freezing and doesn't stay there. Had so much rust and BS on my Gallicas I had to give them up.

It's becoming clear that the reason not much info. is available (even on HMF) is that they are too rarely sold.

I realize I mixed Mt. Hood into the wrong group - just trying to cut corners! Will ask other forum.


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I have 'La Noblesse' and am not overwhelmed by it. It is a very lanky bush--which I don't object to--that looks like it might do well as a small climber, has standard pink flowers, and is rather more disease-prone that the average rose in my garden. I don't actively dislike it, but I wouldn't buy it again if I lost it. It has a hybridized look to it with its smooth growth. Come to think of it, who knows whether my rose is correctly named? I just took a look at HMF and the rose shown in Orsola's and Flor's photos is definitely darker than mine. My rose doesn't particularly resemble the type Centifolia either, but then I think a number of roses got tossed into this class just because they didn't fit in anywhere (think 'Fantin-Latour' and 'Robert le Diable'). My rose came from Schultheis in Germany, I believe. I live in a mild four season climate with hot dry summers and garden on clay soil. My rose is vigorous here.
I hope this helps.

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WicksFan(10 Sunset19)

Thanks Melissa! Sorry it wasn't a great plant for you. Will take it off my list.

Even if it wasn't the right rose, the mislabelling is a problem for many people too - we can't sit around DNA-testing!

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

For what it's worth, I do have Triomphe de l'Exposition from the Vintage last sales and it's doing quite well in my dry climate in clay soil, with very little BS even in part shade. It seems to be nicely winter hardy, obviously not a problem for you. From what others in your zone say, it's not a good rose class for your area, but if others can get ahold of it it has been settling in well. I can't recall any blooms yet in its second year, but I suspect it's still putting down roots as many of my OGRs do before they decide to bloom well.


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WicksFan(10 Sunset19)

Cynthia -

Thanks so much - good to know she grows well for some folks!
But (sigh) clearly not the right plant for my area.

P.S. Would love to see a picture, if you can, so I can enjoy vicariously!

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