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luvofrosesMarch 16, 2009

If I were to want other house plants ( i would love to know more about primroses) are there plants that are great to have with my violets that would be in keeping with their beauty and sizes? Then which ones should i stay away from. If you could use common names that would help since i have not graduated to the botanical names.

Thanks for all your help

Ann in So Ut.

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Most other popular genseriads do well around african violets as they take similar culture. Cape primroses (streptocarpuses), sinningias, gloxinias, columneas, alsobias and chiritas are all good companion plants. I know I've used the Latin names here because it will be good for you to reference these plants by their Latin names to avoid confusion. There is some confusion on what is a lipstick plant or a goldfish plant or a guppy plant. And what is a sinningia or a gloxinia. Learning the Latin name keeps the confusion to a minimum.

I hope this helps.


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