How long untill next blooms

mrlike2u(**)April 18, 2010

I got a standard 4 inch potted in bloom store bought AV back in Sept and the thing bloomed it's head off untill last week so I named it Energizer Bunny as it had no name on it's tag other than African Violet

There neat flowers purple striped edges and white in color I'm just curius as to how long it might be untill it flowers up again

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depends on the variety, the health of the plant and the growing conditions.

There's some very valuable information in the FAQs about growing conditions and optimal blooming conditions.


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Either that or go to for more info.
Fred in NJ

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Let's try this question again in a different form LOL

About how long does it take your AV's to re-flower in optimal conditions ? # weeks ? # months ?

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I grow lots of african violets and some rebloom every 6 months, some take a year. I have one double white that is almost always blooming. I have them in an east window, shaded by a big tree - they get only direct sunlight for about 15 minutes about 10 a.m.

Many of mine are going out of bloom, some are in full bloom and some just budding, so your question isn't easy to give an definitive answer to. As nwga said, it depends on the violet.

Violets are like people - different genetic makeup allows for different actions in any given setting. Maybe you could keep a journal and record what happens, over a couple of years, and if anything happens, make thorough notes on it.

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I promise that I wasn't being flippant when I posted my previous answer to your question.

If you have the name of your violet, we may be able to give a more specific answer about the growing/blooming habits of that particular variety.

I have some violets that stay in bloom 9 months out of the year and some that bloom much less than that. Each variety is so different. It's not a one size fits all.


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No problem Dora sometimes when I read things after I post them I say Opps what does the reader really see. May I offer this: I promise I was not only lauging at me after the first responces, I was laughing at me with you.

At the end of the day I got 1)an apx. idea of how long it'll take to re flower 2)a big bonus with even more info from the FAQ/AVSA responces. Not a bad deal for one question.

Thanks to all the people who took time to offer me there feedback.

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No harm done :)

I try to remind myself every once in a while that just because I've been doing this for 20 years and I know what to do and it comes naturally to me doesn't guarantee that others will know what I'm talking about.


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My question is; can I put 3 mini violets in one lg. pot?

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I would caution you against putting 3 smaller violets in one larger pot.

Violets perform best when their roots are hugged and placed in pots just 1/3 width of the plant width. When all of them are placed in the pot, there will be leaves touching, roots mixing and symmetrical growth and healthy growth will be prohibited.

There are many and various containers around the house that can be used to pot mini or semi mini violets without spending high $ on commercial pots.

Good Luck,

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The self named Energizer Bunny AV is at it again. Not bad at all if I ask myself. It took 6 weeks from flowering end to flowering restart

Here is a link that might be useful:

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