Now I understand why everyone raves about Munstead Wood!

jjstatz29(5)June 21, 2014

Below is a first year own-root bare-root Munstead Wood I received from DA - Ok, now I get why everyone is raving about it. The fragrance, the performance, the ridiculous amount of blooms for only its first year. Oooof - What a spectacular thing.

If you don't have this one... Get it!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I don't have to explain why MW is my favorite rose? LOL

I'm glad your new one is doing so well.


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Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z9a @ 2800 ft.

I was on the fence regarding MW for months but now am beginning to think that it could be a "must have" for my garden.

It is beautiful!


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zjw727(Coastal Oregon Zone 8b)

I have a friend who grows it, next to Sombreuil- lovely combination.

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I bought two the same year three years ago, one own root and one grafted. The own root by Austin is a little larger than the grafted. Both are in a barrel and bloom at the top their game. One of the few Austin's I have kept out front instead of the grave yard. Most Austin's have a better PR write up than true production stats. Mustead is a great producer of blooms and no disease.

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I never bought a 2nd of any rose before till I saw this at the Botanical Garden & got a whiff of it. I now have 2 own root great form & fragrance and didn't burn up the way The Prince does!

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Beautiful! How's the black spot resistance with this rose?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

No BS problems on mine, to speak of. I think toward the end of the season last year it had 3 or 4 leaves with a couple spots on each, but that was it.

I think MW is going to be one of the great Austins. It has just about everything going for it.

I've shown this pic before, but can't resist doing it again. (I should start taking some new pics this year.)

Munstead Wood--year one in the garden.


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