Rob's Loose Noodle reverting to solid purple

anniem3(z5 NS Can)April 18, 2010

Hi there

Several of my Rob's Loose Noodle plantlets came out with solid purple blooms rather than white with blue edges. The leaves are darker green as well. Has this happened to any of you?

Does anyone know if this sport is named? I searched the list of sports on AVSA and do not see it there. I was thinking that it still makes quite a nice plant and there are not that many double purple minis. It has a good blossom count by the looks of things (this is my first time growing Rob's Loose Noodle).


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HI Anne,
Why don't you report it to Ralph and see what he says about it. He may have used a solid purple as one of the seed parents and it reverted to that or he may have the answer for you on the sport.
Fred in NJ

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anniem3(z5 NS Can)

Thanks Fred. I may do that. I am attending the Canadian national convention in Toronto next weekend and I hope that Rob's violets will be there.

It must be my year for multicolors turning solid - now I have Munchkin Kisses coming up a solid purple as well... It is a very rich color but not blooming true unfortunately. Anyone else had this happen?


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Anne -

it happens quite often with fantasy and bi-color varieties. It hurts the most when your chimera turns solid. That's why it makes sense to pot up several babies and keep them until they bloom - and give away the sports. There are enough people who would enjoy growing NOIDs, or schoolkids or neighbors - who possibly will kill it soon - but it will bring a week of joy to their life.

You should definitely ask Rob, but I would think the sport should have some redeeming qualities before it gets named. I bet Dr. Robinson goes through hundreds and hundreds of new crosses every year - but he only names several each year - and they all have some pizzazz in them. Just because it is solid blue, miniature and has green leaves - doesn't make it named.

For me - if something is off description - it is automatically gets earmarked - for gifts.


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