Shy bloomer??

flowergirl70ksApril 10, 2011

Does any one have Kings Ransom? It is truly a lovely flower, but I only get one stem at a time, with 2 buds. Is this normal?

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It's been a couple of years since I had this plant, and I don't remember its blooming habits. I looked at it on First Class2, and it doesn't tell me much either.

However, it is such a spectacular blossom and so big, I would be happy with one. Fertilizing with a bloom booster (higher middle number) may induce it to bloom more.

You could call Lyon's greenhouses and ask, as this is their hybrid. Or, I will be there on Friday, I'll ask Paul and post his answer after the weekend.

This is one of my favorite blooms.


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Please do that-it is spectacular isn't it?

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Inquiring minds want to know Barbara.:) What did Paul say?

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Paul said it is an average bloomer, but he concurs that a bloom booster fertilizer should increase the number of blooms.

If it were my plant, I would disbud it for a month, then start using a bloom booster fertilizer on it. You should see a good result by doing that.

Send us pictures of the result.


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