Getting cuttings back into soil

SsnoozenApril 17, 2012

Hi -

I was out of town last summer and left a coworker watching my AFs. They were over-watered, and very sad when I got home. I cut off their heads and re-rooted them, and got one back into dirt and it is gorgeous! The other looks good, too, except when I try to put it back into dirt. Twice now I have tried to transplant it, and after a couple three days it's all droopy and sad. I put it back into water and after three or four days it's all happy again.

I got a new bag of violet mix. It has a great rootball. It makes no sense to me why this plant is happier in a bowl of water than a pot of dirt. I'm no expert, but I've had violets for years, I'm not a total newby at it.




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irina_co(z5 CO)

Sue -

if your bag of violet soil comes from a big box store - you need to improve it with 1/3 of perlite.

Wet your soil, let it sit overnight. Plant your violet the way that the soil is quite lose around its roots, let it be very airy. Cover your new pot with the plastic baggie, angel cake box top, remove it from the direct light - and let it be to adjust for 2-3 weeks. The soil should be humid, not wet - but the air should be very humid. You can lift your cover and mist the plant every so often.
It wilts because the water roots cannot absorb enough water from the soil. You will help it by eliminating the water loss from leaves - if it is 100% humidity under the cover - the leaves do not lose water and do not wilt. It will give the plant time to grow root hair that will work in the soil.

It should be just right - as long you have patience and keep off from overwatering the soil. As I said - it should be humid but never wet.

Good Luck


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I NEVER use AV mix. It's too heavy. Not sure why they make it like that. I use miracle grow or pro-mix and add a little extra perlite.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I would say Promix BX plus 1/3 of medium perlite works. Or you can use it instead of peat and add 1/3 perlite and 1/3 vermiculite. It is already Ph balanced so you do not need to guess how much dolomite lime you need to add.

The reason why they make it this way is because peat is cheap. Plus money is made not from plant growers but from plant killers.


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I get healthy leaves, but seldom do my af violets bloom again. What am I doing wrong. They are in a good light. Do I need more patience in letting for bloom time? I give them moist to dry soil. Thanks for any info.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lina -

Check if you have:

good light - 600-1000 foot candles
good soil - neutral Ph, lots of air - 1:1:1 peat perlite vermiculite is a good option
regular application of fertilizer -1/8-1/4 teaspoon per gallon every time you water
good water = no water softener and not high solids - like well water that can have way too many salts. I do not exactly know what moist to dry soil means. Consistently moist light soil full of air pockets so roots can breath and drink at the same time works the best. So the idea is to water lightly and consistently - I use wick so I do not let the soil dry.

Usually if you have good leaves but no blooms - means either not enough light or not enough fertilizer. They should be in bloom most of the year.

Good Luck


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