My first seed pod!

pisces7386April 26, 2011

I posted a few months ago with a picture of my very first seedpod... and now I am back with an update! I came home (went out of town last week) to find it all dried up! Yay!!!! I am going out to the store this afternoon to get the potting mix and I'll plant some tonight!

I was little sad because a few weeks ago I lost a bunch of plants in a move; most of my little babies that I started from an ebay leaf set as well as both of my Twinkle Pinks; but now I know it was to make room for the amazing plants I am about to start:)

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Congratulations! Thanks for the update. You have an interesting cross and should get some little cuties from it. Now will come the hard part - waiting (for the seeds to sprout). And waiting (for the seedlings to mature). Did I mention waiting (to see the blooms)? Please keep us posted!

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