African Violet Blues

aegis1000April 1, 2013

Fortunately ... not a sad story ...

You know how every now an then we get a post on where a fellow AV grower can find a true red, or yellow, ... or blue ?

Well, I was looking at a couple of my newly blooming violets, and I was amazed at how blue they were.

I mean ... of course you always have at least a hint of violet, ... but these blooms were looking pretty blue to me. Of course, when I asked my wife what she thought, ... she said "Why they're purple, of course ...".

So, maybe it's just my AV imagination, but I thought that I'd let you judge for yourself. I took these photos with my blackberry cellphone camera, which seems to do a better job of capturing true color than my more expensive digital camera.

The blues are still a little "too blue", but they're close.

Judge for yourself ...

Sansoucy Coco



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paul_(z5 MI)

I'd have to side with your wife ... more of an indigo or periwinkle color. But quite nice. I find the Picasso to be particularly fetching.

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I have always found the word "blue" in descriptions... interesting. Some varieties are "less purple" to me than others, but I believe violets genetically lack the ability to produce blue pigment, as is true for most plants. You're 3 pictured above I'd put in my "less purple" category. Another good one is Rodeo Country. It has very dark foliage so the much lighter colored flowers really pop against it.


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Anastasia looks blue in the picture.

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Flowers of the colors above are described as "blue" even though they are not what we normally think of as the color blue. I am a professional horticulturist and I have never found out why this is. Maybe to differentiate them from darker purples? To confuse matters even more, flowers that are truly a blue color are also described as blue
Anyway---whatever their colors are, the violets above are lovely. Especially Anastasia, my grandmother's name.

Happy Spring!

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That Picasso is amazing! I would say a pale indigo, but beautiful anyway.

I would love to arrange a trade if you ever do any cuttings.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Guys - when you are shopping for Picasso - try to find one with white fantasy streaks on blue - it almost mutated out of it - but there are still true blooming plants around there.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

This is my mini trailer "Allen's Fallen Angel". It was suppose to be white blooms but it always bloomed this pale blue for me. Looks a bit pale lavender in this picture but it's actually more "blue" in person.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Bigred -

it is a sport of it - it is not only flowers, the variegation changed as well - Alan's Fallen Angel has white variegation - with large white splotches. Yours has pink one and mostly on the edges.
Plus the original one is one flimsy hard to grow plant - yours is quite sturdy. Just mark it "Sport of AFA" and enjoy it. Very cute!


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Yes,I bought the leaves because the picture of AFA was as you descried but this is the resulting plant(s). I wonder if I bought so more leaves if I'd actually get the correct plant.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

You probably saved the order somewhere - so you can check everything.

My first take was - it is not it - but the flowers are shaped very similar - distinct pansies on Xlong bloom stalks - and some search showed that some growers have AFA with similar variegation pattern - I am thinking it is probably a sport, not a mislabeled plant. If you think that all initial wild species are blue - it should be something in the genes left from them to surface.

The regular AFA has thin flimsy leaves, you put the leaf down - it doesn't give the babies easily - you have more die-outs than with anything else. I grow it for 5 years - and it doesn't want to give me 3 crowns, only 2 and it stays small.

Some varieties are just less strong than others.


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