New Space Babies

snappyguyApril 1, 2010

Got some new EverFloris Space Baby violets in yesterday that I bought from an eBay store for $9.95 for the lot. They were sold as starter plants but they're much larger than I expected. The pots are their shipping pots. I've since potted them up into 4" pots. One of them even has its' first bloom stalk growing!

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I've never had an EverFloris. I go for the small violets and EverFlorises can be large.

Nice haul though and at such a good price.


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They can get quite large. They're considered large standards so greater than 12" is normal. I really like the large violets.

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I agree that the everfloris palnts are quite large, however all the bloom that I have seen on the series are quite small although plentiful.
Fred in NJ

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The blooms are fairly small. I have NOIDs with larger blooms. I have an EverGrace that I've had for a few months and it seems to always have at least 15 open blooms. I've seen 30+ on it before.

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Here's a photo of my EverGrace. It has a 9" ring around it so it's somewhere around 11-12" in diameter at the moment. It just came out of a heavy bloom phase so it's taking a bit of a break, but I still count 16 open blossoms. Individual blossoms are 0.75-1" across.

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Right now, I have about 40 of the Optimara EverPraise. They are in the growth stage depicted in your first picture.

My violets are looking lovely right now...... at least the ones I have worked on in the last day, LOL.

Now that I can sit in the chair for more than 15 minutes AND I am feeling better, my violets are sure to get some TLC.


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