Question on Optimara Active/Inactive in Stores

quimoiApril 7, 2014

The Optimara site shows the varieties that are supposed to be currently in production. This helps a lot when we try to identify whatever we bought at that great Big Box Store.

However, has anyone ever found a variety that's listed as not in production? There has been a time or two when I thought I saw one, but then a lot of them are similar. However...

Our Lowe's had a shipment of badly damaged plants from Optimara, Nashville (they had come in that way, cold I guess). I especially noted one because I would like one of the MyViolet series, but the pattern on this was reversed. The blossoms weren't gone yet, but the plant was way too bad to buy it.

It was a deep red-violet with a white center. I've finally been able to access MyViolet and the only thing that looks like it is Rhapsodie Andrea and they say it's "Legacy" which I understand means they're not producing it for the stores. I'm not even sure that I liked it but I'm really curious.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has seen oddball plants or knows what other variety I may have seen. All the MyViolets seem to be white outside with the colored "eye" and this was definitely the reverse.


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Some time ago, I picked up an Optimara that I identified as Patricia which was not supposed to be in production, although I see it now is so perhaps they had not updated My Violet. When I discovered that Optimara had sent way too many plants to our local Kroger store I checked out two stores; they probably had about fifty or so plants in each store; I found one unlike any of the others. After much research, I finally found a near perfect match in Van Gogh, a violet certainly not in production. Whether this is it, I probably will never be sure, but it looks like no other in their current lineup.

Yes, I believe some plants not in major production sneak into a shipment on occasion. Optimara confessed as much on their Facebook page while picturing one of the legacy plants. This violet wasn't in production, but they did say about two dozen plants of it were sent out in random shipments. I don't remember the variety.

I just wonder if any escape from their Research & Development area!


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Thank you! This one really doesn't look like any others. Oh, I wish some of those not named yet ones would escape but someone else would beat me to them anyway :).


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