Ceramic AV pots

marylynn123April 1, 2014

40 yrs ago I made and grew AV in pretty AV self watering pots. The insert is left unglazed and the AV self waters from the outside glazed pot that is kept full of water. Is this going to work? Is it going to survive being moist all the time.? I do keep lighter fertilizer in the water. All have correct light and appear to be doing well. Please help, trying to restart and very old hobby.

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Mary Lynn, a suggestion is to use the search feature at the top of the page. Enter the words "ceramic pots." You will get a list of several discussion threads that discuss how best to use these pots. Also, what kinds of pots to use. You might learn about newer types of pots and plastic alternatives. Those with experience will also lend advice. However, reading older threads is a good way to get a lot of input very quickly. Joanne

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Thanks joanne. My first attempt at using social media so I appreciate the help. Again thanks for taking the time to respond.

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I have a friend who uses lots of these types of pots and she likes them. However, I don't really like them very much, I think the plants stay too wet. I have recently gotten some of the Oyama plastic pots that also self water and I really like those.

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I don't use them, but you can probably make them work. You may have to use a very light potting mix. It's a good idea to experiment on something that's not too critical.

Honestly, somebody seems to have made almost everything work. Garden soil in clay pots, for instance :) - not that I'm recommending it.


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I don't know if this will help you or not. Perhaps you have seen them, but these are podcasts called "All About African Violets" done by Adrienne "Annie" Rieck.

I think her idea in this one is to do something like she imagines an "ordinary person" might do. Buy a violet in a big box store and pot it. Anyway, she gets a self watering pot and I don't know if it's similar to what you are talking about or not.

I'm very ordinary and I never bought one of those ;). The podcasts have some good things in them, although I have to keep in mind that she grows for show and I am very much a grower for pleasure so there are times when we approach things from a different perspective.

It's episode 8 of "All About African Violets" in case the link embeds itself.



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Hello! I'm new here, but I've been growing AVs in these pots for a few years, with good results, I believe. I've been using Miracle Grow AV potting soil, but I usually mix in a bit of peat moss.

Several years ago, a sweet elderly lady taught me how to grow AVs, and how to start them from leaves. I'm happy to have found this wealth on info on this forum though. I use those little yogurt cups that are easy to find here, but maybe not everywhere. They have plain yogurt in the bottom, and some candies or granola in the top. Those little clear, domed tops make a perfect "greenhouse" for each leaf.

I've been buying at the big box stores, and haven't had any problems so far. This same lady told me to buy leaf tobacco and make tea, for most kinds of bugs that houseplants have problems with. You mist the plant, saturate the soil, and keep it in a plastic bag for a little while. It usually works like a charm.

I love AVs, and would love to have more of a variety. I have a few single, dark purples I could trade, if anyone's interested.


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Hi Sue, I would trade for tobacco leaves because I have no idea where to buy them. If you go to My Page and send me an email, I will let you know what I have extra of. At this time, I am working my way down my request list for shipping. So it will be a week or two before I can ship. Welcome to the Forum. Joanne

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Maybe you are looking for whole tobacco plants (which you can actually buy seed for), but if you really want tobacco, I assume they sell chewing tobacco where they sell cigarettes. I bet the Dollar General has it. Two brands are Copenhagen and Skoal and it comes in round tins. Or if they still sell unfiltered cigarettes, you could take them apart. (I remember those Camels people smoked...)

Nicotiana is flowering tobacco and I have a bunch of babies going right now.


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Diana, Thanks, this is helpful information. Joanne

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Glad it is useful. You must live in the wrong place ;)


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Hi Diana
Now that you mention it, I recall buying it years ago in tin cans. I used it as a cat repellant on my dracaena plants.
Just seems like a handy thing to have.

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The tobacco I used was in a foil pouch, and it was large pieces of tobacco leaf that smelled sweet. The brand I used was Beech-nut, but there was also Red Man available at that time. Obviously, I haven't bought any for quite awhile. :) Other kinds of tobacco products have additives, or at least that's what I'm seeing online. Sorry I didn't specify that before, but I've just been researching it more, since mentioning it here.

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A few years ago I tried using but they died. I think now that the soil mix was too heavy. I recently took them out and cleaned them up to test them again armed with more knowledge. I planted two AVs and after 3 months can say the plants are doing just fine! I lighted up MC AV mix and now I will add more since its easier to manage since I keep adding to my collection.

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Please see the Exchange Page, I am trying to follow up with your request for trade/exchange. At this time, I am filling all requests. Thank you,

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