Seattle violet show today

seattlemarigeneApril 27, 2008

Im so excited!I'm going to my first African Violet Show in 8 years!And Im going to get to meet Barb as well..Its going to be a great day..I will take my camera!

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Give Barbara a big hug from me, I miss her.

And Barbara, give Marigene a big hug from me, 'cos she's the bees knees :-)

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I got 3 hugs from Barb today..she is a good hugger!

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I agree, she's a great hugger..

You shoulda seen it last week, my boyfriend came up to Florida to visit and we went to a show with Barbara down in Mass...
When we got to her house in the morning, meeting her for the first time, he extended his hand to shake it--and she grabbed him in a bigole bearhug!!

LOL From the angle I was standing, I could see the look on his face which was PRICELESS!

After we'd spent the whole day with her and it was time to leave, HE initiated the hug goodbye to her, so I could tell he'd definitely warmed up quite nicely to her :-)

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