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abigail1280(8)April 11, 2011

Hi everyone! I have a questions about my trailers. I have 2 Allegro Appalachian Trails. I grew them from leaves and they've been living in solo cups since last September and I plan on re potting them as soon as I can walk again. I know that they like to be planted in pan pots. I was just wondering if it was possible that there's more than one violet in the cups, or if this is standard for the way they grow since I've never had one before.

This is the first one. It's not in bloom yet, but it's got a few buds on it.

The second plant, and the bigger of the two (though not by much). This one opened a bud this morning:

Also, should I wait until they're not blooming to repot them? Or does it matter?

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Your assumption that there is more than one plant in each pot is absolutely correct. In the first photo there is at least 4 plants, and I can't tell for sure but probably the same number, give or take a few, in the second pot.

I would encourage you to separate the plants when you are able and pot them up one plant to a pot. This will allow each plant to reach it's full potential. Besides, the ideal is to have multiple crowns from ONE plant when working with trailers. Repotting into solo cups for a while is okay too. After the plants have a little more size to them you can repot into 5" pan pots, one plant per pot.

If you were entering trailers in a judged show, the ONE plant would be required to have a minimum of THREE crowns. Three plants with one crown would be disqualified.

As far as taking the blooms off or waiting, I would leave them on since there aren't that many. If they seemed to lag behind, you can always remove the buds then.

Now, you are soon to be the proud parent of about 9 trailers!!


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andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)

now THOSE are some long petioles

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Thanks! I just repotted them all yesterday and now I've got a ton of them!

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