Another question... Chloramines and Conditioner?

ultra_violetApril 17, 2013

Since my municipal water supply contains chloramines (instead of chlorine) setting it out over night to evaporate won't do any good. I've been using water filtered through my refrigerator but was wondering if anyone here uses aquarium conditioner (just the de-chlorinator, not slime coat) to treat tap water for their plants. Thanks.

[Question was originally posted to the house plants forum but no one there has tried a chemical conditioner.]

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I have found that the chloramines don't harm my plants at least. My water supply also uses chloramines and I don't do anything special to my water. I simply add my fertilizer to water fresh from the tap and go about water. I've never noticed any ill effects.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It all depends on the quantity. When the municipal water suppliers introduced chloramine - which is significantly less dangerous for people who work there - all aquarium fish in the areas was dead in a week. More of it - the grass was dying on the lawns. Since then - the amount was adjusted - and it depends on the treatment facility - at home - water is good, at work - AVs just wither and die - even if it is all Denver water. Probably downtown water needs more of sanitizing - the pipes are getting old.


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Thanks for your comments.

It's mostly my house plants with pointy foliage, like my spider plants, that have tips that are browning just fast enough to raise my suspicions about my water supply. But no one on the house plant forum has tried aquarium conditioner. I'm seriously considering using de-chlorinator on my least favorite plants and violets (if there is such a thing!) and see how they respond for better or for worse...

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I heard it helps.

For the control - you can buy several gallons of drinking water from the store - and compare which will do better.


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