Please help with ID

hankeatApril 18, 2013

I bought this mini variegated Saintpaulia without ID in a self improvement store. Its diameter is about 4 inches and its leaves are only 3/4 inch wide. I hope someone could ID it. Thanks in advance.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hankeat -

no way anybody can identify one out of 20000 registered and who knows how many non-registered varieties. Love it as it is - and if you want to have a named one - get one from a reputable seller and hold to the tag.

Very pretty!


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The first thing I do with a NOID is save all text that accompanied the plant--stickers, barcode, plastic sleeve, pot, tag, everything--which I examine for the name of a greenhouse/company. Then I search on the internet for the greehouse/company and hope that they have a website with their inventory info. It's always a long shot, and identifying a plant from a photo is not recommended nor guaranteed, but detective work can be fun. So I do hope your plant came with some kind of sticker or tag.

If not, as Irina said, enjoy your very lovely plant as it is!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Self improvement store...they probably do not have any idea where these AVs came from... If it has a sticker - Product of Canada - it is from Harsters Greenhouses - but I do not think they carry variegated plants. If it says Optimara - it is from Holtkamp greenhouses in Nashville TN - but these plant can be from some smaller supplier.


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