nonblooming african violets

valcarr113April 6, 2009

I have had the plant for so many years and it has NEVER bloomed! The leaves are always green, never soggy , tilt toward teh sun, but never have flowers. I used Mircle Gro African Violet soil for the last two years and still nothing. someone please help.

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Hi, you didn't mention what kind of light your violet is getting example is it under lights if not what window is it in? I hope this helps _Terri

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This very topic was our most recent programming topic. Here's the info from our handout:

Is my plant getting enough light?
Natural light from windows may not be enough during winter months. If you want blooms year round, you can supplement with fluorescent lighting hung 10-12 inches above the top of the plant. Indirect natural light from an east or west window works well. Direct light from a southern window is too much and will burn the plant. If your hand cast a shadow when placed between the source and the plant, then you probably have enough light.

Is my plant too dry or too wet?
AVs like to be evenly moist on a consistent basis. They donÂt like to sit in water for days at a time. Wicking can ensure consistent watering.

Is my plant too cold or too hot?
AVs like the same temperatures as humans  60° to 80°. Remember that it may be 60° near the thermostat and 50° near the window.

Does my plant need more fertilizer?
Use a bloom booster with a higher middle number (middle # is phosphorus). Use this consistently each time you water. Our society carries DynaGrow Liquid Bloom (3-12-6) and the recommended dose is ¼ teaspoon per one gallon of water.

Is my plant healthy?
Bring your plant to the kitchen sink and give it a lukewarm shower. ItÂs ok to wet the leaves as long as water does not sit in the crown of the plant and as long as you do not place the plant back in direct sunlight. Are your leaves fresh and green? Remove any dried, old, yellow or limp leaves and any old bloom stalks. Leave a symmetrical plant. Is your plant infested or diseased? Take appropriate measures to remedy the condition.

Does my plant need repotting?
Standards need repotting at least once a year. Mini/Semi minis need repotting once every 4-6 months. Because of the peat moss in most potting mixes, the mix breaks down and becomes too acidic and fertilizer salts and minerals collect in the pots to make for poor soil conditions. Our society offers ready-made soil to help violets thrive. This mix is 1 part basic peat based potting mix, 1 part perlite and 1 part vermiculite.
The root system of your violet loves to be hugged so they are most happy in a smaller pot. The width of the pot should be no more than 1/3 the width of the plant. Mini/Semi Minis are happiest in a 3 oz cup. Too much soil is a breeding ground for sogginess which promotes bacteria and fungus.
When repotting, simply fill the mix around the roots and tap the pot onto the table to help settle the mix. Do not pack the mix into the pot.

How many crowns does my plant have?
Unless your violet is a trailer, then you should have only one crown. Remove any suckers or multiple crowns so the energy is directed to the main crown. These can be rooted in a pot of their own. Cover them with a plastic bag until they root. It will take 4-6 weeks and youÂll have plants to share.

Optimal growing conditions support plants that provide years of majestic beauty.

Hope this gives a place for you to begin, sabrebuddy :)

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My apologies to sabrebuddy - you weren't the one to ask the original question. Sorry.


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Besides repotting every 9 - 12 months I always fertilize every time I water. I do this using a wicking system and only use half the recommended amount of fertilizer every time I fill the reservoir. If I were watering from the top or bottom I would still most likely use the same amount of fertilizer.
Fred in NJ

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Hi again,
There are times when a little squeeze on the pot will disturb the roots enought to get it beginning to bloom. Give a squeeze.
Fred in nj

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