Traveling with my AV's

zwaantjeApril 26, 2009

Since both our dogs died I obviously needed something else to care for ;-) and that is probably the reason I recently became an AV collector.

After living through a number of winters in Vermont my husband and I have spend the winters in FLorida, so for the first time last fall I had to travel with my (then smaller collection of) AV's. We traveled in a small motor home, and all went well, all my AV's survived the trip down and back up North.

But now we're getting a little too old for the exhausting trip and we decided to fly this coming fall. So now I have to figure out what the best way is to ship them. One seller sent me AV's (Priority of course) in the largest size foam cups with wooden pegs stuck above where the pot ends, which so far seems to make the most sense. But if anyone has a better idea, can you please explain to me what that idea is?

Thank you so much in advance.



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irina_co(z5 CO)

Milli =

It seems to me you need 2 small collections - 1 in Florida, 1 in Vermont - and violet loving friends - in both places.

If you pot them in Oyama pots - the watering is so simple - your friends won't kill them even if they are not experienced.

It is not a good idea to ship mature plants - you will lose leaves and it will take time for them to become presentable again. Otherwise you will be living half of the year with ratty looking plants here - and half of the year - there.

The price for the violets in Florida is amazingly cheap. So you can get some there - and when it is time to fly home - you can take the outside leaves off, roll them in a newspaper and take them with you on the plane. With a good duffel bag you can carry 10 of them and put in overhead shelf. If you are mini- or semi-mini afficionado - it is even easier. Keep an eye in Florida for the plants with the Harmony Greenhouse label. They are named, great quality and not run-of-the mill selection. I brought 15 of them on the plane last time I was in Florida - and they are just gorgeous.

Good Luck


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divineappt(z10 FL)

Milli, if you are in the Naples area of FL, we get great AV's from Harmony. I have a link below to show which ones I've gotten from the two nurserys here. Prices are $3.99 at one place and $5.99 at another. Nice violets.

Here is a link that might be useful: My AV Haves and Wants Links

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