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cateyanne(zone 5/6 Northern Ohio)April 28, 2013

I have been searching for a smaller version of the "indirect watering" pots that I had a couple of AV's planted in. Mine, though advertised as made for AV's are larger that what is recommended for the violets I have and wouldn't be usable until the plants get much larger, which would be years? So, it was a difficult thing to find as almost all in stores were not made for my 3 year olds and certainly not for any of the new ones I wanted to buy. Now I am happy I have found a pot source for my new AV"s, I wondered what I can plant in the old pots. Some houseplant that would benefit from indirect watering, but wouldn't grow so large so fast that I'd have to re- pot so soon. I realize this might be a different forum. but I couldn't find a house plant one.Thought I'd get lucky with a knowledgeable person here. Any ideas? My house gets low light typically, and I like to reserve my sunny spots for my AV's!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

IMHO if you want to grow AV in the self watering pots - OYAMA pots are the best. (Ceramics are the most challenging).

If you have these heavy double ceramics - you plant anything but low water requirement plants there. Cacti will not flourish there. The main thing - add extra perlite to the soil - to make it lighter - and adjust your water slowly - after repotting - keep watering from the top until the plant establishes - and then try filling the bottom pot with water starting with a small amount of water. Do not refill the pot until the soil in the pot is on a dry side. Most of the plants do not want to be waterlogged all the time, they need some dry time.

Good Luck


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