White 'Fuzz' on African Violets

elizabeth_24April 21, 2006

Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me.

In my office I had a jade plant and a bunch of african violets. The jade plant was failing quite badly and then it started to get these white fuzzies on the leaves. I quickly threw it out but it was too late. My violets now have the same white fuzzies on them. Not all of them; it's mainly affecting just two (of course, my favourite two!) but the white fuzz has appeared on the leaves and in the center of the plant. They look like little pieces of white fluff but you can't pick them off; they tend to smear on to the leaves instead.

Any thoughts and suggesions as to what this might be? And any advice on how to get rid of it?

Thanks in advance everyone, I sure appreciate it!

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minibot(z9bNorCA Sz16)

Sounds like mealie bugs...kill with qtip with isopropanol Alcohol. Or apply spray that kills mealies but is safe for AVs. Neem worked for me for thrips, but I don't know if it kills mealies. It's an antifeedant and makes bugs die by making them anorexic. Safer spray might work, but I always try the alcohol first and keep it up for weeks...they hatch and rehatch. If it's a bad infestation, throw the plants out and put leaves down.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Yeah - mealybugs.

Try what Minibot suggested - you can actually spray it with rubbing alcohol diluted with water 1:3 - be sure that you get in all the "armpits". Do it 3 times week apart and wipe the windowsill, saucers etc. with this solution - they lay eggs.

There are more potent pesticides that kill them but try it first. Neem oil - I do not know - they are so well protected with their fuzz- which is eradicated with alcohol - the oil can just leave untidy spots on their furcoats, but not really reach them.


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Thank you very much for you help, I appreciate it! I'm going to make up the solution this weekend, come in on Sunday and spray the plants.

Mealybugs - ugh!

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