African violets outdoors?

claudosu(z7 OK)April 8, 2005

Hi, I was just wondering if I put my African violet outside during the summer. I was thinking of putting it in my back porch which, though on the south side, is shaded by various trees and covered by a roof, but I'm wondering if it'll be too hot for it. In Oklahoma temperatures are normally in the 90's during the summer with heat indeces normally in the upper 90's and 100's. And 100 plus degrees are common during July and August.

Would the violet just fry in the heat, or will the shady conditions be enough to keep it cool while providing enough diffused light to keep it happy and blooming?

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LadyBrasa(z7 VA)

My guess is it wouldn't like it. Plus violets need lots of humidity.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I believe the 100 degree temperature would not be good for it even if it is located in the shade.

But the most important aspect to think about is bugs--especially thrips which are abundant outside. Thrips carry many diseases and virus and will manage to eat your little plant to pieces. When you bring the plant back inside you could be bringing in some hitchhikers as well.

I'd say, "Thumbs down!" on the idea.


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mainesfwriter(z5 ME)

The bugs are a HUGE issue. I lost a dozen beautiful AVs last fall when I thoughtlessly placed a "brought in from outside" plant near their table. It carried mites in with it, and before I realized the AVs were so infested that all I could do was throw them out.

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AVs don't fare well outside at all. In particular, rain water (being usually colder) does horrid things to the leaves, slugs love the leaves, etc.

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adl123(7B / 8A)

It'd be interesting to take a few $1.97 noids and try them outside. I'd consider them strictly annuals and plan NOT to ever bring them inside.


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claudosu(z7 OK)

Thanks for everyone's opinion, I guess I'll just leave the AV's indoors. Besides, I need the color in my bedroom from the blooms. :-)

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I may be in for some trouble. I have shelves outside on my front porch with AVs and I switch them inside and out. So far no trouble but I will have to wait and see. This winter I will bring them in so as not to freeze them to death. But it also gets hot here in Florida!

Thank You

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Just my experience: a few summers ago we had an especially hot spell here in MN. It was 100+ degrees for several weeks with very high humidity, and I had my air conditioner set on 85 degrees to save money. I put extra fans on my AVs to help with air circulation, but to no avail. I lost the ENTIRE collection. The poor things melted into a gray pile. I am very careful to move my current AVs to the basement in the summer now, and haven't had any trouble since. I'd say it doesn't get higher than about 78 degrees down there.

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Would putting them outside here in Canada summer months kill them??

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Again, the main concern is the unwanted creatures that will make themselves at home on your violets. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a 'houseplant', all plants originate outside. So if your area of Canada can emulate Tanzania and Kenya, the native home of the violet, your plants should survive. But, they will be buggy.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Aha - reviving a very old thread...

Newspaperlady - it is not a good option - your plant won't be happy - the conditions are harsh - and it will be crawling with bugs who will love this African delicacy.

BUt - if you have a spare plant that you can use - you can put it outside in a dappled shade - and see how it goes. But remember - you are not going to bring it back, the season is over - and it should be left to freeze. It will be covered with all kind of pesties you do not want to bring home.

Good Luck


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