Russian Violets

tucsonterryApril 20, 2009

I have been lurking here for a very long time. I enjoy the conviviality of the members of this forum so I have joined. I have been growing AVs over about 4 years in Japan and in NM as a real amateur but when I came here to Tucson, I really got "bitten by the bug". The group at the TAVS is wonderful and I have learned a lot. Recently I have been more and more interested in the Russian varieties. I noticed that Bluebird has more than before and other growers but I wonder if there are not sources that I do not know about. Also, does anyone communicate with growers in Russia in English? I think that would be fascinating. If anyone would sell me leaves of varieties I do not have, I would pay in advance for them. (I have read about the scammers) I look forward to more and more interchanges of information with you all. Cheers! Terry (Male)

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Terry -

Looks like now everybody has them now -,, I think VioletBarn has them too.
You will not be able to collect all Russian violets because it is just way too many of them ;-)).

There is a Russian lady from Washington (not DC) who sells them on ebay.

I doubt you can order the leaves from Russia because of the phytocertificate issue. Means they will not provide it - because the next thing that happens - tax police knocks at their doors and says - you guys have a home business. Let's see what taxes you are going to pay us. And the parcel with leaves but without the certificate will be destroyed at our customs.


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Thank you very, Irina, for the information. My mentor in the TAVS just came back from the conference in Reno and she said that they auctioned a lot of leaves from Russian varieties there. Too bad I couldn't go.

By the way, I have always enjoyed your insightful and informative comments all these months lurking here. You are a veritable fountain of knowledge. Thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to more exchanges.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Terry -

thank you - I do not think I am that good. I personaly always look up to Fred from NJ. This gentleman definitely knows what he is talking about.

Yes - they auctioned a set of 17 leaves hybridized in Ukraine actually. Since it is a fundraiser - and we support AVSA this way - the prices go through the roof. I am not sure these leaves are worth $700 or about. It is very interesting - but they are not registered and possibly will never be registered. So it will limit their potential in a show.


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Hi Terry,
As Irina said you can find quite a few of the Russian hybrids at various greenhouses around the country. I have two.
EK-Boginia Krasoty (9564) 01/17/2006 (E. Korshunova) Double hot pink raspberry large ruffled star/purple-violet fantasy. Dark green, plain. Standard

Lyons sells it as Beauty Goddess

Tat'ianin Den' (9628) 01/27/2006 (B. Makuni) Double white frilled large. Medium green, ovate. Standard

Many of the Russian Hybrids are already registered and I am assuming that they will register more of them.
Irina was very complimentary about me, however, most of what I say is just common sense. I am not a professional grower or hybidizer but I seem to have the magic touch with AV's and what I pass along is some basic info I have learned after growing AV's over 25 years. Irina knows her stuff about AV's also and I would take advice from her anytime.
Fred in NJ

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Aha - but you actually take your plants to the Show - and win - and I am all theory - and no awards. Better with gessies though - they do not require such superperfect symmetry.

Hope to see you and your plants in NC next April.


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hi Irina
Maybe you can enter your gessies in the show in NC. There are not as many rules as for violets. They don't even have to be blooming. You can enter them in the class for "other gesneriads grown for ornamental foliage" category. Easy to get a blue ribbon as long as the culture is OK. Remember all those beautiful non-blooming episcias at convention? (of course, it would be a pain to get them on the plane)

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