Lines on inside of outer Oyama pot.

zwaantjeApril 25, 2009

When I received the Oyama pots I want to start using there was a drawn schedule, like the one shown on an av website. However, I lost that schedule but I seem to remember that the information I'm asking for here wasn't there to begin with.

Ok, here's my problem.

Filling the inside with Perlite and soil, that I get. But the water well has 3 different lines with no visible explanation which line is for what. So there's my question: which line to use when I fill the outer pot of the Oyama pot for my AV's? There must be a reason for those line, but I just can't figure it out!

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Milli.
I checked my latest copy of "Growing To Show" and according to that the lines serve as a gauge for the water level. In a 4" and 5" Oyama pot if you fill it to line one or two it will not need water again for 5 to 6 days. If you are using the 6" Oyama and fill it to line one or two that should last for 6 to 7 days. Of course a lot of this edpends on your growing conditions and on the type of Oyama it could last longer.
Hope this helps,
Fred in NJ

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Aha! That makes perfect sense, thank you very much! I noticed that filling up those outer pots to the top line makes the soil too wet but larger plants probably need more water. Thank you again!


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Some of my plants I fill to a higher line, some of them to a lower line. Also depends on how pot bound the plant is, more roots need more water more often. When I go on vacation, I fill them up to the top line but then I'm not going to water again for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks and then I'll go back to the regular watering. If you use a lower line and your soil is still staying too wet, add more perlite to your soil mix, that should help. My plants really love these pots, but I have too many plants to put them all in them. tish

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