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sabrebuddyApril 29, 2009

Hi everyone, Has anybody ever heard of or used schultz's bloom plus fertilizer and if could you tell me how things went with it. Thanks Terri

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Terri -

Bloom Plus will stimulate your bloom at the expense of the plant growth. The better option is to keep them on balanced fertilizer - and as far as I know Shultz has too much urea in any case.

People use bloom type fertilizer (Dyna Bloom is one of them) closer to the Show time and not exclusively but alternating with balanced one to produce lots of bloom for the show - and disbud the plant next day.

Serious competitors ( and I am not the one) experiment with their plants to time up the fertilizer, amount of light, cooler or warmer temperature - so the maximum of the bloom will be just on time.

So it is something for you to try.

If you want your violets to bloom all year for you and your family to enjoy - it is not a must for you. A lot of growers like to alternate the fertilizers to take advantage of something that is present in different ones. Fish emulsion is a treat for your plants too.

Good Luck


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Hi Irina, I want to thank-you for helping me out with this I had bought that a few months ago and I just kept looking at it and thinking no! I am so glad I didn't as I am a leaf person and I would of hated myself if I had ruined my plants thanks again - Terri

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I used the Shultz product last year a bit but I was not as happy with the plant.
I use DynaGrow GROW right now and I am VERY PLEASED with that product, how my plants respond and about 10 weeks before the show/sale, I'd give them a watering of the DynaGrow BLOOM.

I haven't had much bloom this year due to constant disbudding to get rid of a bad case of thrips but I did have a few plants last week that had blooms for our sale.

I've disbudded everything that I brought home from the sale and plan to keep them disbudded for several weeks.

All that to say that I am a HUGE fan of DynaGrow products, especially the GROW.

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