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thominindy(6)April 9, 2009

Hello fellow AV Addicts

I can't tell you how many times I have told myself "I don't need anymore violets".

How does one stop buying violets? Is there a twelve step group? Are there drugs my doctor could give me.

So far this week it has been Rob's Tiny Wood Trail, Rob's Tiny Moon Goddess, Cheers and Playful Spectrum. From three different sellers. And of course I must buy several more from each to justify the postage. I must have a chimera (Rob's Monkeyshines). Oh, there's a red at Home Depot and it's an Optimara. On and on. There is a local show in two weeks. I wonder if I will bring any violets home?

And it's so much fun.

I can only laugh when I think what my apartment will look like in six months.

My plants are happy, healthy, and beautiful, I couldn't have done it without you wonderful people on this forum.

Practicing AV addict in Indy. Thom

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I'm sitting here just chuckling away, and relating to everything you said. Yes, we are junkies about AV's, no doubt about it. No cure has been found that I know of, and you are only limited in its progression by space and time.

Rein in on your purchases for the next two weeks, because you will definitely bring home plants from the show, so save some space and money for that. And, be sure to have a space set aside for isolating new stuff. When you go, go as early as you can to opening time because the sales tables are usually like a feeding frenzy and things can go really fast. Some people will provide boxes, some won't, so it won't hurt to take a box with you. And be sure to allow lots of time to meet people and chat with them. When they find out you are their newest member......

So, have fun, and good growing.


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I think we are all in the same boat. I keep telling myself no more. But just this past weekend I judged two shows and came home with leaves and plants of 6 hybrids. Maybe a hypnotherapist can help.
Fred in NJ

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

The worst of it is, they are so inexpensive, and so small, relatively speaking. So you always think, oh there's room for just this one more, right? Leaves are the worst of all. How much space does a leaf take up? But leaves become plants (well, that's the aim, at least) and plants grow up...

My only advice? Avoid orchids. They can get just as bad, but they're a lot more expensive : )

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Hello, My Name is Dora and I'm an AV Addict.

We can relate and empathize. One year ago, I had 4 or 5 plants. Two days ago, my count was 247. That's alarming.

I keep bargaining and justifying by saying that I'm growing for our upcoming sale (and I am) but the truth is that I 'love' these plants and the pleasure they bring me.

I did set some boundaries, I will only grow things with a name and I will not grow standards. They take up too much room.

I'm moving about 125 for the sale and that will make room for me to get some more, LOL

Get used to it and enjoy it.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dora - you are my hero!

That's what I need to do - get rid of half of them.

Irina = love standards

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But Dora,
There is nothing like a large standard in full bloom. I grow my share of minis and semis but you should also have a few big guys there to balance out your collection.
Fred in NJ

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Oh Dora, just a year. If I look at all of my leaves and babies plus my buying habits, I can do the math and see 247 in a year. I do love the standards, but I'm trying to keep them to a select few. The mini's on the other hand, I want one of each.

Beautiful day here in Indy.


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Remember there is a downside to this addiction....vacations can become problematic. Make sure you have a really good friend (that you don't take trips with) that shares your addiction and can cover for you while you are out of town.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Barbara, where do I find one of those? I have friends who are proud they kept a plant alive... I was just thinking about that today, how do I take a vacation when I have orchids and AVs depending on me. The AVs might be fine, but some of my orchids get watered daily... eep!

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You're right Fred about the standards....I have 5 and once they begin blooming, I move them to my den to one of the end tables so that I can enjoy it more.

I'm not against having standards, I'm just against getting more just because they are AVs....one's taste must incrasingly become discriminate in order to not have the entire house filled with AVs, no matter what size.

Boundaries! Boundaries!


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Vacations and AVs.....I'm going to start a new thread on this.


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How does one stop buying violets? ... That's a good question. Probably when one runs out of window-room, and doesn't want to invest into a lighting setup?

For what it's worth, I've resisted buying mini's today. ;_: Local Meijers got a dozen in. They were.. adorable. NOIDs, but the cutest little buggers ... ever. Each could fit into the palm of my hand. ... And then they had itsy-bitsy blossoms.. each-smaller than a penny. Mostly singles, purple and violet, but there was a double with a bunch of light pink flowers, too.

*Will break down and place an order for named ones in 3, 2, 1....*

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