Blackbird and Santa Paula Rubiosa

fantasiamm101April 13, 2011

Hi - hoping someone can help with these 2 varieties - I got them from a raffle table but I don't have any descriptions. Hoping someone has a description of these and can let me know what they are. I would appreciate any help - Thanks so much! Connie

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Hi, Connie,

Neither of these is listed on First Class2. I also looked at the Saintpaulia species list, nothing there either.

I assume this was a raffle at a meeting or show. Try to track down the donor for more information.

Good luck!


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There is a streptocarpus named "Blackbird." I don't mean to insult you and assume you know the difference but many AV growers are growing streps.

(Actually, the other one sounded more like something else to me, but I didn't find anything.)


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Hi - Thanks for the suggestions - I did find info about Santa Paula rubiosa - wrong name - I think the donor might have spelled it like they heard it. I got a note from a grower in our club - and she identified it as Santapaulia Rupiosa - Species plant. I checked the description for my plant and yep, that was it. So I found at least one of them. Thanks again! Connie

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It's actually rupicola.

And there are 5 different ones:

S. rupicola
S. clone rupicola
S. clone rupicola lite
S. clone rupicola Mather No. 5
S. clone rupicola pale

But they all have the same description..

*does not understand species, but wanted to put this out there for ya*

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