African Violet losing blooms and looking dull ?

ArehbellaApril 29, 2012

It used to look like this :

Then as soon as I repotted it, it started to lose flowers slowly and then the new blossoms would just turn brown and fall off. Now it just looks like this :

I didn't know that you had to use special potting soil, so I bought some yesterday.I think I just used regular houseplant potting soil. If I replant it in the African violet soil, will it look more like it did before ? The light it gets is shaded light and I would water it once a week. Thanks for your help :)

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Don't water your violet on a schedule. Wait until the top of the soil feels dry, then water it. The violet will be happier. Also, what size pot did you put the plant in? The pot should only be 1/3 the width of the plant. Most violets will never need a pot bigger than 4 inches. When you repotted if the roots were at all soft and mushy, you need to unpot it, and cut those off. Most likely, the violet just needs time to recover from the repotting. A great place to get tips on violet care is Rachael's Reflections. I've been able to find good advice there for any problem I have had. Good luck!

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Your violet looks healthy ... just not growing or blooming.

To solve that ... (2) things ...

More light ... try a CFL in a desklamp for about 12 hours/day

Get some African Violet fertilizer and use as directed.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I am thinking that your plant is so grossly overpotted and the regular potting soil could be way too heavy for the plant - that you really need to repot in a much smaller pot and use light soil. You probably can use the soil you already bought if you add 1/3 of perlite to lighten it up.

Forget about bloom. I would remove the buds anyway to conserve the energy.

Normally I would say wait a bit for your plant to recover from repotting - but in this case I think immediate intervention is due. And until you do it - keep the soil barely-barely moist. Overpotting and heavy soil is a 100% recipe for a root rot.

Whan you pot your plant in a small pot - you can use your pretty one as a cachepot.

Good Luck


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james_ny(z7 NY)

Lesson learned, don't repot when flowering. That pot looks very deep, as others said it may be too big. If roots are ok, probably need more light.

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