Separating baby violets

greybird_kekeApril 26, 2013

After having no violets for many years (but plenty of other plants!), I decided to order a couple dozen violet leaves this past winter. A couple of them have babies big enough to pot up now, so today I separated them. Each leaf had four plants, but not every plant got their "fair share" of the roots! In fact, that big one on the lower left didn't get much at all. Will it be OK? Is there anything I should do for it?
Thank you!

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Rooting babies that have been separated is not difficult. Most people seal them in plastic bags, like sandwich bags. I like to use a dome because I think it is easier to check on their progress. The added humidity from the bag/dome will benefit them greatly. If you can put them on a heat mat that also helps. Make sure that they have a light source and are evenly moist and in a short time you should have roots. A gentle tug on a leaf will tell you if roots are developing.
Suckers are also rooted this way as they usually have no root system.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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