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bspoffordApril 9, 2009

You had mentioned some time ago about your watering system using a 5 gallon bucket with a pump and end of a garden sprayer. I'm thinking I want to cobble one together too. So here are some questions for you:

What size pump are you using? My choices are between an aquarium pump and a fountain pump. I assume you use a pump that has a flow control, yes?

In looking at the 'handle kits' at Lowe's, and at all the handles on the sprayers, I find that the end doesn't just screw off. Did you cut off the tip?

When you have the pump on, do you get any significant pressure buildup that cuts loose when you release the handle to fill the reservoir?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge, Fred. And if anyone else has some ideas, please jump on in here.


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Hi Barbara,
I got this pump for my birthday about 8 years ago. I believe its a 1/4 HP, in any case it looks like the one pictured in the link. I have a 10 foot plastic hose with a garden sprayer handle about 18 inches long which was purhased at Home Depot. The sprayer has a part which allows me to keep the water coming out without holding down the control handle. I submerge it into a 5 gallon pail I bought in Home Depot. I used to be able to lift it with 4 gallons of water in it but now I put the almost empty pail on a table and fill it with 4 one gallon containers. It has been trouble free for that length of time and I use it weekly generally filling the pail three times to water my collection.
Fred in NJ

Here is a link that might be useful: Little giant pump co.

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Thanks, Fred. I noodled around some more and found your original post too.

I was going to do a gravity feed system, but I think the pump is the way to go. Less hassle, probably a wash on the pump versus the spigot, adapters, etc.

I'll take a picture when whatever I do is done....


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