What's wrong with AV?

jwwcApril 15, 2010

The leaves of my african violet started turning yellowy and I read that that could indicate not enough light, so I've been placing it in on the west-facing window sill, but it seems to have gotten worse, so I've placed it back on the table. It's sort of sprouting weird baby leaves, have dry spots on some leaves, whilst others are yellow. And the flowers are drying up after only blooming for a short time. What's wrong with it? Is it in need of fertilizer, since I haven't really fertilized it? Does it need a bigger pot?



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Pale leaves can be caused by lack of sunlight, lack of fertilizer, or a pH imbalance in the potting soil (see http://www.optimara.com/doctoroptimara/10121-10304/10131.html for more info). Since you've ruled out lack of light, I recommend you repot and fertilize the plant.

It should actually go into a smaller pot, one that's about 1/3 of the plant's diameter. A good potting mix for African Violets has about 1/3 each of peat, perlite, and vermiculite. Even if you buy African Violet potting soil in the store, add some perlite and vermiculite to it. When repotting remove the flowers, pale leaves, and the ones with brown spots. The brown spots may have been caused by sunlight hitting water drops and burning the leaves. Those leaves will never look like new again.

Remove the weird baby leaves too - they are suckers that you can root and grow into new plants! Here's a site with pictures and info on suckers: http://www.creativespill.com/RR/.

The growing center of your plant looks good, so with a little TLC your African Violet should really respond and take off growing. Good luck!

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I agree with Donna.
Remove those suckers (weird looking plants growing off of main plant) and remove the blooms.

Repot into smaller pot with recommended soil recipe and fertilize.
When you repot, gently coax off as much of the older soil as you can.
Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the replies, I'll have to go buy some materials for the transplant when I have the chance (no car), Hopefully soon though, since It's looking pretty sad right now.

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Well, inspite of the problems, I have to say it has a beautiful flower.:0)


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Mine look similar when they have received too much light. You have a sheer curtain in front of the window but it is a west window. A west window is great for me in Canada, but may not be good for you in your zone. Pull the plant forward about 6 inches and see if there is any improvement.

Also you might try Epsom Salts 1 tablespoon to a gallon warm water for greening up plants.

That yellow spot is sunburn.


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